A Little Something Extra - Wedding Crèche Service, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Wedding Crèche Terms and Conditions

1. Booking
1:1 A non-refundable booking fee of £75 is required to hold the booking. This fee covers the cost of visiting your venue to conduct a risk assessment of the room to be used for the crèche, liaising with the fire officer at the venue to ascertain the fire procedures, insurance costs, booking the staff and other associated administration costs.
1:2 We will contact you 6-8 weeks before the booking to finalise the start time, duration of the crèche, number and ages of the children and any special requirements. We will then give you a final quote.
1:3 Full payment for the crèche is required 4 weeks before the booking.

2. Health and Safety
2:1 A risk assessment will be conducted on the crèche facilities at the venue to check for hazards and ensure its suitability.
2:2 We will liaise with the venues’ fire officer and ensure all our staff are aware of the fire exits, meeting points and emergency procedure.
2:3 A qualified first-aider and first aid box will be available at each crèche.
2:4 We do not accept any responsibility for any food and drink which parents/guardians or the venue provide (for example, if children attend the crèche for the wedding breakfast).

3.Child Protection Procedures
3:1 A register of all the children will be kept. Details will include name, age, parents’ names, address, contact number, and any special requirements.
3:2 Only parents/guardians or a person nominated by them will be allowed to collect child/ren from the crèche.
3.3 Children will not be allowed to leave the crèche unless collected by a parent/guardian or nominated person.
3.4 No other adult will be allowed into the crèche.
3:5 All crèche staff are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked.
3:6 We reserve the right not to admit children who, in our opinion, are not well enough to attend the crèche.

4. Behaviour and Equal Opportunities Policies
4:1 No child will be excluded from the crèche on the grounds of race, religion or class.
4:2 Disruptive behaviour will be dealt with sensitively by using distraction techniques or 1:1 time with a member of staff. Where continued disruptive behaviour is such that it spoils the enjoyment of other children, parents/guardians will be asked to collect the child.

5. Cancellation
5:1 We reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment is not received 4 weeks before the event.
5:2 We will not be held responsible for circumstances we consider to be out of our control such as fire, flood, accident or illness or any other event deemed by ourselves to be out of our control.
5:3 Cancellation charges are as follows:
3 – 6 weeks before the event – 50%
3-0 weeks before the event – 75%